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    Years of war and communist regime hinder travellers from crossing its borders, only until mid 90s, the government reversed their stance on tourism. It immediately emerged as a craze destination for backpackers, despite the flocking tourists, it's still far less commercial than its neighboring countries, the laid back vibes. A landlocked country borders with Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China, it is the least developed country is SEA.

    Off city limits, surrounded by dusty roads, children frolicking by the streets, tiny stores decorated in its most vintage way, entire families on motorbikes, thatched huts contrasting new modern developments.

    Now that's, Laos.

    #1. Modest homes and small Hmong villages in Vang Vieng outskirt.


    We hop onto a cab head over to Vang Vieng immediately after we've touch down Vientiane Airport (Wattay), an unappealing 4 hours potholes dirt road drive from Vientiane to Vang Vieng. This is probably the most implausible party town, laying deep in the central Laos, the once tranquil farming village turn into a backpackers mayhem, most for the party but we, thankful to its natural beauty along with towering limestone peaks, dense with caves, lagoons and forests.

    You may come here for tubing but stay for the stunning riverside scenery, beautiful mountaintop and lovely limestone crags. Hire a bicycle and explore Vang Vieng- it may just be the most rewarding experience you have on your trip.

    Not to forget slack off at any cafe, order a beer and enjoy the endless reruns of Friends and Family Guys. Absolutely surreal!

    #2. We ought to cross a wooden bridge to the bamboo charm of Champa Lao Bungalows. Probably exhibit the best authentic experience, a beautifully appointed Laos style in bamboo charm of Champa Lao Bungalows, arranged around lush tropical garden courtyard, incredible cosy area with hammocks overlooking beautiful greenery, 5 minutes walk from the city center.

    #3. 7km ride from Vang Vieng city to Blue Lagoon, riding along potholes, pit-run gravel, it turns out to be one of the most memorable experience on our trip.

    #4. Blue Lagoon was in a stunningly shade of blue from limestone around.

    #5. Vang Vieng town- abundance of good food with quiet beer and night activities

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    Six hours of jostling around on a minivan, veering close to the edge of cliff, and the driver's bathroom breaks, well off the aforementioned cliff. Driving through some of the most beautiful mountain ranges i've ever seen, worth it, this is probably one of the must do thing in Laos! For most of the way it lined up with wooden huts and market stalls, women selling surplus produce of farms, children play sands in dust at roadside, chasing plump puppies.

    #6. It was nice waken up by rooster with this view from our bungalow.

    #7. Mountain range from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang.

    #8. 6 hours through the twists and turns of mountain roads.

    We reached Luang Prabang at noon, quaint, beautiful, romantic of French colonial architecture, delicate temples, drenching at the confluence of of Mekong river and Nam Khan river. First day, filled ourselves at JoMa bakery for hi-tea, explore historic temples, hike onto the Mount Phousi, shop at the foothill night market.

    #9. Buddha in storage of Wat Xieng Thong, alongside the cremation chariot of Lao king with large naga heads at front and urn at back.

    #10. The tree of Life- Wat Xieng Thong was remodeled in 1960s, becoming a splendid temple we see today, roof was repaired, entrance gilded, both interior and exterior covered with black, glossy lacquer and decorative figures, and symbols in gold leaf.

    ... ....

    For travel tips, kindly refer blog for details.


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