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Thread: Which camera to start with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren_Hao
    John, you mention about trading in, would this be limited to certain shops only or all authorized dealer will accept a trade in? any where I can check out on the rebate?

    Another reason to go for the 350D instead of the D70s
    No, this is with Canon itself. You can call them up and check the trade in price. The catch is, of cos, the price of the new cam is a bit higher than the price you get from dealers like MS Color or Cathay. But at least you get rid of the dead cam right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren_Hao
    To hijack the thread a little, I am considering between the D70s and 350D. But must say was very impressed by E300, the only hold back was that is has to be "boosted" to go beyond ISO400, which does not provide sufficient justifcation for mi to upgrade from my current Canon S1.

    I have read that the D70/s was developed to compete with the 20D, however, at a price that is much lesser. Hence, after internet researchs and "field trips" to various cam shops, i was kinda inclined to by the D70s instead of the 350D cuz of the better kit len.

    However, after toking to a co-worker, i was alightened that Nikon is like dieing off as they "spend less on research". Since buying a SLR is as good as buying the whole system, i started to rethink things.

    Is Nikon really dieing off? It seems that there are a wealth of new lens for Canon system, but the nikon range of digital lens, seems to be lagging behind.

    Any more knowledgable CSer wanna share your view?

    Well, Nikon basically has a different marketting strategy for their camera equipment, concentrating 60 - 70 % of their market profits on Industrial glass manufacturing, with canon focusing more on consumer electronics.

    Though as pek chek as it may seem, yeah, Nikon's slower in releasing both bodies and lenses... but that doesn't seem to be an issue with many Nikon users who make the most of what they have.

    Honestly, i am a canon user at work and though canon spits out new stuff almost every 6 months, it simply gives me and my department a BIG FAT HEADACHE. Why? we don't KNOW when canon will dump it's 1.6x crop factored bodies in favour of putting its famous R&D into the FF sensor, making all its EF-S lenses obsolete. Though this sounds unlikely, we honestly wouldn't know after the relase of the 5d, and the bigger and badder MK IIn.

    As it is, my colleague who's in equipment purchasing, just cancelled a heap load of orders for the 17-85 lenses after the department started dumping its older 20ds in favour of the newer and CHEAPER fullframed bodies.

    Anywayz... just look around, try out different bodies at the shop, see which one u feel shiok with, and then, BUY BUY BUY... (as espn would put it.)
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