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Thread: How to Rainproof your camera?

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    That's more to do with the custom nature, I suppose. Of course demand is a factor but that's a chicken and egg thing as well. The fact is custom capes are only for a specific camera and lens combination, and hence have to be custom built.

    The Aquatech range are custom built, and work very very very nicely, but they are relatively pricey. They build them to take any combination of professional cameras and professional lenses (zooms, and teles from 300 and up). But they fit like a glove, and have inlets for your hands and flash attachment options if desired. Very well thought out, and no I don't get a commission from them.

    Generic raincapes are fairly cheap, in fact they get given out as freebies by camera manufacturers. Who of course sell their own better capes for real money.

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