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Thread: canon 580EX II problem. Help!!!

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    Default canon 580EX II problem. Help!!!

    I just bought 580EX II. After few shooting with flash light, the flash light won't firing. What happen?

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    Default Re: canon 580EX II problem. Help!!!

    Can you spend a few more lines describing your problem? It should include your camera setup, modes and settings you have selected, in which situation did the problem occur, any errors on the display of camera or flash etc. For clarification: Did the camera take the pic but flash did not fire? (Resulting in underexposed pic, maybe?)
    Quick checks:
    - Are your batteries charged? Use some fresh disposable batteries for a check.
    - All contacts clean and the hot shoe properly mounted and fastened?
    If it is a newly purchased flash and you have the receipt then you can go back to the shop or Canon Service Center (Harbourfront) for warranty claims. Without warranty, CSC will still help but charge you for parts and labour.


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