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    I'm currently using a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod. Just wondering, any recommendation (Cheap and good that I can consider) or things I should look out for when getting a tripod bag? Is padded ones recommended?

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    that depends on your usage, and how fast you are required/ want to deploy your tripod.
    If you are require to deploy your tripod fast, a tripod strap would be better. Just a clip away and you can deploy your tripod already whereas compared to the tripod bag, you have to unstrap from your back, unzip, take out tripod, and then deploy.. which is a time killer.
    Tripod bags padded would be a bonus, but personally i don't feel the need to bring out, unless maybe for plane check in or something i would use.
    i have both tripod strap and tripod bag. most the time i find myself with the tripod strap.

    manfrotto has their own tripod bag for below $100 for the non-padded ones if i remember correctly. Their smallest size tripod bag should fit your 190xporb just fine.
    Not too sure about the actual price, but the tripod strap is definitely alot cheaper and more practical.

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    Just search online. I got my manfrotto non padded bag for my 055xprob and head for $25. Qoo10 is a good start. Can also check lazada. Taobao is the cheapest.

    Tripod bag is good when travelling, checked in, packed in luggage, or in the boot of a car. When really using, it is better to carry it straped to your bag, handheld or using a tripod strap as mebtioned by the post above.
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    I have tripod bags, but most of the time just leave it at home, unless is travelling.
    I use tripod straps most of the time, it is faster to deploy tripod, and strap can tuck inside camera bag when not in use, easier for me to move around when tripod legs is extended.
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    I triple those sentiments. Here's my long hand rationale....

    I have the original Manfrotto bag (190 tripod) and a proprietary strap for my old Alumi 190EX and a free padded no-brand bag (055CX tripod) and I guess it's padded to shield the carbon legs. I almost never use them locally on walkabout but for travelling storage only.

    Once you try on a general walkabout, you will likely see how troublesome it is to have a DSLR type camera bag ( 5 years switched mainly to backpack camera bags ) on your back, a shoulder strap bag for your tripod slung on one shoulder which also sits your backpack strap or shoulder bag. And top it all off, holding your camera ( and camera strap) at the ready to shoot. What happen is, the damn strap often slip off my shoulder and sometime at the worst possible time when I suddenly need to fire a shot at something i spotted. So I bought a KATA's strap to replace the tripod's strap for more traction, called a Gecko if I recall correct, which was marketed as a more grippy shoulder pad that grips well BUT ironically still slip! Sold that rubbish after one outing.

    Nothing is more practical than a bag (better yet backpack which distribute the weight on your body) which allows you to strap the tripod tightly to your bag. Every time, you stop to shoot you likely take your tripod bag off follow by camera bag to shoot a series of shoot and then time to move you put all that stuff back on again..... try that the whole day. Weight? What's the diff with the tripod strapped to your bag without the tripod bag or better yet, plan ahead. See if you really need to bring the tripod along that day. You want to be prepare to shoot anything, you either hire someone to carry your stuff for you or get use to the weight. I walk about with a D4, trinity zoom lens combo with 1-2 primes, 910 flash, accessories in a backpack with the 055CX tripod strapped on for a walkabout fully prepared to shoot anything local or oversea age 50+. And my tripod bags are collecting dust under my bed.

    BUT... if your camera bag is a small shoulder strap version you use to carry 1-2 lens, no flash..etc. Then maybe a bag is fine. But if you are buying this to keep your tripod from scratches, dinks, rain..etc... especially if you think you might sell it off second hand. Forget about having a tripod.
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    If you are shooting outdoor scapes, a bag is not a good idea because you are constantly moving and its just another piece of thing to carry and get dirtied.

    If you are shooting for a job, ie interiors, where you travel to one place and all shots are in that place, a bag can work.
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