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Thread: How to remove ballhead?

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    Default How to remove ballhead?

    Hi all, i have a Manfrotto MK394-PQ, any idea if i can remove the ballhead as i am interested in getting a monopod.Thinking it be good if i can put the ballhead over to the monopod. TIA

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    Default Re: How to remove ballhead?

    From what I know this is something of a entry level tripod and the ballhead is integrated and non removal from the center column from what I found online. You are not the first to ask this in another part of the world..

    Most ballheads if can be removed, you simply tighten the balhead's side bolt the way you do when mounting your camera to it. Without mounting any camera, you set the camera mount on it's side then you lock (tighten) the bolt until the ball head can not move, you turn the entire ballhead anti-clock wise. If you can't get it to even turn a little bit, it's a good sign this is a permanent setup. But I have to say not to use brute force as it might permanently break your tripod head from the body piece.

    If you are technically challenged and not know how to go about it from my explanation, I would suggest waiting for a forummer who read this and owns one to tells you if it can be remove or you can call the photo store you bought the tripod or distributor for advice.
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    Default Re: How to remove ballhead?

    I don't think this tripod head is removable by user, as you can see from the spare parts list, the tripod head and the column show as one piece spare parts.
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    Default Re: How to remove ballhead?

    Yah, looks integrated to me too.

    TS, I think you'll have to get a separate 496RC2.
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    Default Re: How to remove ballhead?

    doesn‘t look like the head can be removed...

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    Default Re: How to remove ballhead?

    Thanks all for the help and guidance, this is my first experience with a tripod thus the question.


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