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Thread: Colour/Contrast adjustment

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    Hi all seasoned Photoshop users, experts and gurus,

    It's quite common knowledge that consumer digicams (such as my PowerShot G2) tend to produce very vibrant colours and strong contrast straight out of the camera. Digital SLRs don't usually produce such exaggerated images.

    I'm not sure if "vibrant colours" and "strong contrast" is the correct way to describe it but I think you all know what I mean.

    If I want to reduce/lessen/tone-down these properties in Photoshop to obtain more natural-looking prints (and skin colours), what should I adjust in Photoshop?

    Adjust (reduce):
    1) contrast?
    2) saturation?

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    Default Re: Colour/Contrast adjustment

    Maybe you can also try the Colour Balance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectrum
    Maybe you can also try the Colour Balance?
    Colour balance? Hmm... how is it supposed to help? It only does colour balance (as the name implies). I could do that in the printing stage (since I operate on the Fuji Frontier).

    Anyone else knows?

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    Default Re: Colour/Contrast adjustment

    There are many ways to tone down your image..

    1. The obvious one is the Hue, Saturation, (and remember it has different controls over Masters, Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues and Magentas.)

    2. Curves (and use the different curves for different colours.)

    3. Channel Mixer

    4. Colour Balance also should work as Spectrum has suggested. Although it sounds more like balancing the colours, you still can make wonders out of the sliders.

    5. Variations

    and many many more...i believe

    But I would recommend the appropriate usage of Hue/Saturation and Curves should help you get the colours you want.
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