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Thread: Help! High Key Shoot with White outfits

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    Default Help! High Key Shoot with White outfits

    Hi All,

    i'm doing a high key shoot in a studio. However one of my outfits is white and the backdrop is white (cyclorama).

    How do i ensure that my subject's outfit stands out from the back drop?

    reason being I'll need to do some extraction later so I hope to be able to ensure that there is a clear distinction between the backdrop and the subject.

    Any tips or suggestions?

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    If you control the exposure for your BG and subject separately, you can tweak your ratio so the outfit doesn't blow out?

    Watch Zack Arias' latest videos on lighting white seamless:

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    Default Re: Help! High Key Shoot with White outfits

    you will need a studio space big enough to do this set up.
    you need to light the subject and background separately.
    and the background should be two stops overexposed, in order not to let the background light bounce back and affect the exposure on your subject, the distance of your subject to background, is double the distance of camera to subject.
    on top of this, you also need to flag the background lights not to spill any light onto the subject or flare into your camera.
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