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Thread: which monopod stand to buy?

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    Default Re: which monopod stand to buy?

    TS, heed the advises of those who reply, some may be quite harsh, but those words are wise.

    If you find taking a tripod out too crumblesome, then there is only a couple of other options available for long exposure.

    1) Look for a very sturdy and 'more or less' flat surface, put your camera down on the surface (you might want to support the lens with sandbag) then shoot (and pray that while the shutter is open, no one nearby will cause any vibration to your surface).

    2) You can still use a monopod, but rest your monopod to a still surface (can be a lamppost, a fence, etc), and shoot. But I would not recommend leaving your camera on monopod alone... a slight breeze and your monopod will go tumbling down.

    3) use a sandbag or your camera bag as a support as you lay prone on the ground to shoot.

    4) Use a camera clamp.

    Note, a tripod is still the best way to go as it will offer more flexibility (like shooting high angle or weird angle) during long exposure. If your current tripod is too heavy - sell it, and get a carbon fibre one. Nothing beats a good, sturdy tripod when shooting long exposure.
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    Default Re: which monopod stand to buy?

    this is an alternate to a full scale tripod, but it has a limitation.

    and One tripod is never enough, I carry TWO tripods for shoots.

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