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Thread: Samsung Digimax Pro815

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    Default Samsung Digimax Pro815

    Anyone know when this one will be out in Singapore?

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    Highlighted by its world renowned Schneider optics, the Pro815 offers the world's longest optical zoom at 15x. With a 2/3" CCD sensor and high-quality f/2.2 ~ 4.6 Schneider 7.2mm ~ 108mm lens (equivalent to a 28 ~ 420mm lens in 35mm format), users can now capture ultra-crisp images in both wide angle and in telephoto from distances never before capable with a point and shoot digital camera. To cover even more distance, shooters can take advantage of the Pro815's 4x digital zoom, which puts a combined zoom of 60x, right at their fingertips.

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    It looks like a good camera but will it be selling in Singapore?

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    i think it will be selling in Singapore. Came across a review about it. Very easy to recall once you say 15x zoom. Only one of it's kind around.

    Pictures taken from hardwarezoom

    Anyone buying?
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