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Thread: Steadicam for Video filming Question

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    Can anyone recommend me a Steadicam for my Canon 500D?

    something like this but affordable, just started video filming interest.

    I called up AMK camera shop, they are selling at $800-$900.

    do they have budget Steadicam for around $200?

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    There are, but I'd caution you against buying 'cheap'. Look for 'value' instead

    Below a certain price point, there's a high chance that they've cut enough corners to make the product difficult to balance/use. To be fair, there are some people (look on youtube) who have managed to make cheap products work. Maybe they got lucky, or maybe they're just really skilled and can make anything work. As it's something you can even diy from a broomstick if you are super low budget.

    See this thread as an example:

    User purchased a US$80 version, couldn't get it to work satisfactorily. Bought another one. Dunno if that worked out. If your budget is really tight, you can PM him and see if he'll sell it to you to try.

    Some of us went with the Xcam Sabre mostly because it's one of the products that has been reviewed by two fairly well-known video gear reviewers(cheesycam & nitsan), and performance/quality looked fairly consistent.

    It's going for US$260 from ebay.

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    Default Re: Steadicam for Video filming Question

    Thanks for your advise sir, now i have some direction to do my research.


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