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Thread: Problem with MMC card

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    Hope to get some advice. Can find something that is close to address my problem in the Web. If you happened to know where I can post my question, kindly refer please. Thanks.

    Using Nokia 3230 and previously has used the given 32M MMC once with my PC and handphone to transfer files. Work fine but it has been quite sometime ago.

    It was this morning when I tried to use it to as a media for file transfer. Noticed that my PC can't read my MMC card, however when I put it back to my handphone, it seem to be ok. Since I can't read it with my PC, I did a format with my 3230. Well, same observation, can work with handphone and PC still can't detect.

    Anyone could kindly advice please. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Problem with MMC card

    i dun have such problem leh.... is it something wrong with your card reader? for the RS (reduced Size) MMC, you need to put on the attachment before you push into the card reader, otherwise it may not read as cannot reach...

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    Yes I did attached the adaptor to make it like the size of SD. I tried with my laptop built in reader as well as external reader both cannot. Just bought another MMC, it works in both handphone and both readers.

    Very strange, the old card still can work with my handphone but not with computers which perviously can.


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