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    Given the fact that there should not be any fungus spores in your non-removable lenses, it should not have fungus growth.
    But too much condensation may affect the circuitry of your camera though.
    You may wish to put the camera in a ziploc bag when you move from a cold to hot place. You'll find the condensation occurs on the ziploc. Leave it for a while before opening the bag to use your camera. Tried this tips from some users of DP Review on my SLR and it works. Problem is, if you can wait a while before you shoot.
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    I find the information in this page about lens care is relevent to the topic discussed under this subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panic
    Best way is still to bring your equipment out for regular walks (just like your doggie) for improved health . Frequent usage will help prevent fungus.

    But when stowed away for a prolonged period, of course a dry cabinet would be required. I had a similar experince with my DigiCabi too -- the fluctuation bit. They do take awhile to stabilize, so you would need to monitor over a few days. Mine fluctuates between 45% and 55%, spending most time at 50% range though.

    Let me check the dial settings again & report back later (forgot liow).
    Is use 2 times a week frenquent enough?

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    So is it ok to place the dry cabinet in a room with Aircon? or better to place it in the living room?

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