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Thread: Lens and Spoilt Camera Questions

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    Some prosumer models allow to extend the zoom range via converters. Because of the small sensor sizes, the lenses used in digital compact cameras have to be of much higher optical quality than glass which would be "acceptable" on a 35mm camera. This is less of an issue with digital SLRs with because their sensors are much larger.

    According to this excerpt, do you think that they have a typo error in the passage? Because in my opinion, they are trying to say that P&S cams need better quality lenses, yet they say the high quality lenses on P&S cams are ONLY acceptable on dSLRs?

    And my P&S camera is alittle bit erratic, the LCD sometimes goes to lines of green and magenta while I'm framing my shots, it is not the problem of the LCD as if I turn to playback mode, the previously taken pictures still show up. But if I were to take a picture while the screen is green and purple, the taken picture IS green and purple.

    And after sometime, the camera will become normal again, but sometimes, it's spoilt again.
    Since the pictures taken while the LCD shows green and purple will be green and purple, does it mean that there is something wrong with the image processor? Because if it were the CCD that's spoilt, it wouldn't be able to sometimes come back to normal again right?

    Sorry long post. Please try to help.

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    Default Re: Lens and Spoilt Camera Questions

    looks like it is time to visit the service centre


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