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Thread: Am Pro 40 L Dry Cabinet

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    Default Am Pro 40 L Dry Cabinet

    Hi all;

    just wondering,

    If the setting of the above mentioned dry cabinet has been set to high and the RH still remains @ ard 46% (reading taken off a digital hygrometer. Also the analag reading, from the dial face located at the front of the cabinet shows the needle hovering between 40% - 45%), is that ok (or "dry" enough to prevent fungus growth)?

    The cabinet is used to store a Digital Camera and some filters.

    Kindly advise.
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    Relative Humility of between 45% to 50% should be fine

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    yea, 40-50 is fine...though in my dry case manual it says "30-40 for precision instruments" Unless your dry case is used to store some thousand-year-old ginseng, u won't need anything lower

    anything lower not very good, can dry up the rubber, e.g the eye piece, camera case...


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