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    Default Sitcoms

    Damn it! Gotta miss them sitcoms!! Who remembers Perfect Strangers, Growing Pains, Seinfeld, The King of Queens, Home Improvement, The Nanny, Alf, Becker, Everybody loves Raymond, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Matters?

    They don't do it like they used to. Quite disappointed with HITS. They are slow in releases and they keep doing re-runs! Don;t want to watch Lost or X-files! Want sitcoms!!

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    80s and 90s sitcoms are ok.... but I like those like 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl... also Family Guy and American Dad...

    But must watch... Games Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Law & Order...

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    Try Homeland, Stalker, Mentalist, Breaking Bad. Latest Is Fresh from the Boat, comedy.
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