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Thread: H E L P - xD card acting strangely!

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    Default H E L P - xD card acting strangely!

    I'm using a 1GB xD card for a month or so. No problems except I had to get a new card reader as the old one recognised the card but said that it was not formatted. The new card reader worked until yesterday. I fired up ACDSee, saw all the images but when I tried to COPY the images to my harddisk, I got...

    Windows – Drive Not Ready
    The drive is ready for use; its door may be open. Please check drive \Device\Harddisk#\DR 32 and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed

    Using file explorer, again, I could see the files but I got the message below when I tried to copy them to my harddisk.

    Windows – Write Protection Error
    The disk cannot be written to because it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in drive \Device\Harddisk\DR#

    Can retrieve the files using a recovery program but can't do this eveytime!

    Card, reader or PC?

    Help, please?
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    I seem to be the only one with this problem. This post is for the sake for thise who may come across this problem later.

    Solved it by doing the following (this is assuming that you have rescued all the images from your card):

    1. Use a program to wipe out everything on the card, including any traces of formating. Partition Magic would work & there's a freeware called Memory Card Safe Eraser which you can download from

    2. Then pop it back into your camera & reformat

    The thing to avoid it seems is formating or writing to your card via the PC - do it in your camera!

    BTW, here is a neat freeware for retrieving images from stubborn cards:
    Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery


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