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Thread: What to do when faced with bad service.

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    Default What to do when faced with bad service.

    I was reading this thread "Pls read this and take it as a good caution of POOR SERVICE", and want to share with everyone, what to do if face with such situation.

    This is more so if your product is a Japanese brand, be it cars or consumer electronics, I've faced them all and I came up on top everytime. For the specifics on the matter please refer to the closed thread to read what it's about.

    What I do when I get into such situation is to write to the Japan HQ Customer Service division and at same time address it to their Singapore office if no SIN representative office then write to the main SIN distributor. Include your name and contact number for them to get back to you, as they will indeed get back to you very quickly when you write to Japan HQ.

    Don't need to express anger or go bang on someone's table or create a scene, you'll get the service and "more" a token for your bad experience. Hope this helps in some ways lah!


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    Default Re: What to do when faced with bad service.

    Thumbs up!

    Sony Corp., Tokyo, Japan

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    Default Re: What to do when faced with bad service.

    thanks buddy for your drop...glad that there are people out there that still care to help on others..NOT RANT, NOT WHINE, NOT SWEEP IT UNDER THE CARPET at the lightest hint of pro-consumerism. least spread the word and not let others sink into the same mire.



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