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Thread: Blank/minimal/plain places to shoot?

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    Default Blank/minimal/plain places to shoot?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a location that is generally blank and plain for a personal shoot, indoors or outdoors. Hoping to achieve a result with a minimal or blank look for the surroundings. Best if the colors of the area are of a lighter color tone like white and spacious, but not necessary.

    Hopefully a public place? As I don't want to get chased away haha. Does anyone have suggestions? It'd be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Blank/minimal/plain places to shoot?

    Look at HDB void decks.

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    Default Re: Blank/minimal/plain places to shoot?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    Look at HDB void decks.
    Side walls of many buildings all over the places that you can access

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    If really want a blank look , it might be ok to consider renting a studio ?

    If not then , there are numerous blank walls around SG

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    Side walls of buildings...
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    Red wall
    Red dot museum
    28 maxwell road

    White walls with some lines
    Maxwell chambers
    Just across the road from red dot

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    Default Re: Blank/minimal/plain places to shoot?

    i set up my studio and shoot at the main lift area
    as i live on a common corridor - thats after upgrading when every level have its own lift


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