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    I am considering getting a Sigma 70-300mm lens which have a screw in filter size of 58mm. However, I am also considering of getting the Nikon 6T, a macro filter to enhance the macro capability. Some of my questions are:

    (1) has anyone done this and gotten good results? =)
    (2) Where do I get the Nikon 6T filter as I cant find it in their website
    (3) How do I get adaptors to fit the 62mm filter?

    Thanks ahead.

    Enjoy Snapping,

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    1) Have never tried a 6T on Sigma lens... so can't answer your first question.

    2) I bought my 6T from Lords in Orchard...

    3) If you're intending to put your 6T on your sigma lens, you will need a step up ring from 58mm to 62mm. Think you can get this ring from shops such as CP, AP , etc.

    Hope it helps.



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