this might not be the right place to post, so if it is, im sorry,
but i wanted to recommend a film to you guys cuase I think it has great cinematography...the film is called Memories of Murder and its a Korean film from a few years ago that is just now being distributed here in the US by Universal. Its about S. Korea's first recorded serial killer. But the cinematography is great cuase it isnt the flashy stuff we are used to with indie films and blockbusters, instead i loved it cuase it was just great quality cinematography that didnt distract you from the film. Instead it greatly aided in the flow of the film. It was just great seemless photography. Ohh, and the rest of the film is really good too (haha...but seriously, the film was amazing all around). I hightly recommend it... I found the trailer at in case you are interested it.

Have any of you seen this? if so, what did you think? Do you agree with the cinematography?