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Thread: Creative Youth Xchange - Prizes worth S$34,000

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    Default Creative Youth Xchange - Prizes worth S$34,000

    If interested. Neo Photography in a space?

    Title: Creative Youth Xchange @ Gallery Hotel
    Organiser: Creative Industries Singapore / Gallery Hotel
    Closing Date: Closing Soon - 9 Sept 05

    If you're 29 and below years of age and have a creative ideas based on the theme 5 Walls: Defying Definitions, submit them now and stand a chance to be flown to Singapore to realize your dreams in an exciting and intensive 2-week workshop on a three-dimensional canvas - the rooms of Gallery Hotel, mentored by leading creative individuals in this novel workshop. The final winners selected by international creative icons stand to win prizes worth S$34,000 (approx US$20,500). The top prize of a scholarship worth S$24,000 (approx US$14,500), a cash prize of S$10,000 (approx US$6000) is offered by the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). ADM will also provide creative coaching at the CYX workshop in November 05. Samuel Seow Law Corporationís (SSLC) will also offer assistance and legal advice to the youth for the commercialization of their ideas.This unique 2005 edition of Creative Youth Xchange is co-presented by Creative Industries Singapore and the Gallery Hotel, Singapore. More information on Creative Youth Xchange can be obtained from the website:

    Theme: 5 Walls: Defying Definitions

    ď White space. Negative space. Empty space. Is space empty, passive and constraining? Or is space a fluid concept and a medium full of possibilities?

    Bedroom. Kitchen. Study. Office space. Hotel room. Waiting room. We assign utilitarian purposes to spaces. Is the design by the creator of the space final? Or does space evolve organically with its users and inhabitants?

    Walls. Floors. Ceilings. Is that all that shapes a space? How can light, colours, smells, textures and sounds be designed to evoke the emotions, memories and experiences of users?

    We are seeking youths from all fields and backgrounds, anyone passionate about the theme, to go beyond exploring a space as a space. Challenge yourself to address these questions and express your ideas through realizable concepts, plans and prototypes.

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    up, closing this Friday


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