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Thread: w.r.t "The Flame"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjourn
    wonder how much a second D2X is selling for in HK?
    You don't want to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn

    Did I step on this particular person? Why was I mentioned indirectly and made a mockery of while I wasn't around?

    What's with me and my post counts and others having a thread started for me gotta do with him?

    Anybody can advise?

    I was just away for holiday for 4 days and I come back to see such comments made about me especially when I didn't step on his tail at all.
    Challenge him to a fight lor. (Joking, really!)
    Come on, you aren't guilty of anything, are you? Why so sensitive?
    Every1 is free for speech here. Furthermore, ur name wasn't mentioned, was it?
    You aren't that petty, are you?
    PS: You hv misunderstood me previously. Learn to forgive and forget, this make the world go round!
    Pls dun challenge me to a fight again.

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