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Thread: Camera (Internals) Cleaning at Nikon Service Center

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    Question Camera (Internals) Cleaning at Nikon Service Center

    I've Nikon bodies under warranty. The D810 has been out in the fields quite a bit and the internal is getting bit dirty with all the lens changing I do outdoors. Initially a few blows of a hand blower gets rid of the dust, but of late, the dust are sticking to the sensor and mirror more often. I noticed some stubborn dust on my new Df too (Doesn't affect image quality, so not an issue)

    I don't want to wet clean my camera internals and was thinking of sending it in to NSC. Does NSC charge for cleaning if its under warranty ? Do they clean the mirror / viewfinder too ? Do I have to make an appointment or I can just walk in ?

    For a locally purchased Nikon body, do I need to bring down the warranty card / receipt ? Or do they have their own records ?

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    Hi Alfie. Just take the cameras, warranty cards & purchase receipts to Nikon. No appointments needed.

    Tell them that you want to have the camera checked & cleaned. They may or may not ask for the documents. Usually they will clean the sensor for free one time & that's for a camera that's under warranty.

    They will not clean the focus screen or viewfinder as this will need removal of the screen & extra service.

    If the reflex mirror is dusty they will clean it too.

    YMMV though, this was what they did to my cams when I brought it for a "check", when they were still under warranty.
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    Default Re: Camera (Internals) Cleaning at Nikon Service Center

    sensor cleaning is not free, with or without warranty.
    they might do some surface cleaning (cleaning without dismantle any parts) for you, if their workload is not tight (pre or post holidays).

    sensor cleaning is free only when your camera undergoing some repair jobs, or you are a NPS member.
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    NSC used to give first sensor cleaning free for each camera body (determined by serial number). This is offered as a goodwill to Nikon users. Not sure if this is still being offered.

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    Default Re: Camera (Internals) Cleaning at Nikon Service Center

    Just got back from NSC. First sensor cleaning is still free, subsequent is chargable. They did it in 1 hour for me today. (I had a spot that appears at f/11 that i couldnt blow away myself)

    I have one speck of dust in my OVF that requires them to open up the camera to clean and its $170 w/gst and estimate 2 weeks. It doesn't affect image quality so I am leaving it (even though its smack in the middle.. grrr)

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    Default Re: Camera (Internals) Cleaning at Nikon Service Center

    instead of typing all here, why dun you call NSC?
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