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Thread: Great Service at Olympus!

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    Default Great Service at Olympus!

    Hi I'm new here in Clubsnap and must say this forum is great for people like me with little photography friends!

    My brother owns a Canon A80 and the service at Canon seems very clinical (but no complaints) and waits are quite long.

    But must say that my personal experience with Olympus is nothing short of wonderful. The girls at the counter and cute and very efficient and no long queues at all. My 8080 froze on me 2 months back and just 2 weeks after the warranty expired!!! They were quite accomodating and actually closed one eye and fixed the problem for me without charging me (they said 'Its OK lah, its a borderline case')

    Thumbs up Olympus!

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    Default Re: Great Service at Olympus!

    have to agree with u on that!

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    I sent my E-1 body and 2 other lenses for service just 1 week before the warranty expired.

    My experience with the counter girl was not that great...i was being served by a middle
    aged lady, she was more experienced by the look by not so great on her customer service
    skill over the counter

    Luckily the technician who handled my case was great ! He called me to
    inform me that my cam and lenses are ready for collection and spent a bit of time explaining
    what he had done to my cam and lenses even though I didnt ask him to explain. Although I
    have lost the warranty card for 1 of the lenses, he still serviced on it and didnt charge me a
    single cent. I have forgotten his name but if he happens to read this thread, you know
    who you are Thanks once again, Mr Great Customer Service !

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    Default Re: Great Service at Olympus!

    Yup! The two ladies there are cute


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