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Thread: Would you trade in your old FZ's for FZ30?

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    Default Re: Would you trade in your old FZ's for FZ30?

    Hi there everyone,

    I agree on codling on not much of an incentive in upgrading at this point. FZ-30 looks like a great camera and I wanted to lay my hands on one too at first. But on hindsight, maybe it's better to make full use of our current FZ-10/20s. Time to rekindle that old flame of capturing your desired picture. And it is 'fun' trying to badger ourselves thinking how to make do with the limitations of our current equipment... haha!

    I believe a lot of you prosumer users are actually thinking of getting a DSLR at one point or another and I'm no exception. So might as well hang on to your current prosumer and wait a while before you're ready to make that plunge.

    Disclaimer : i actually believe getting an entry-level DSLR and KEEPING the FZ-10/20 as a good combination to your stockpile and not to sell it off. You just never know when f2.8 throughout and a 12x lens is gonna pull you out of certain situations!

    my 2 cents,

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    Default Re: Would you trade in your old FZ's for FZ30?

    i agree.
    If not for the fact that I've gotta feed myself for the next 6 mths (due to unexpected hidden costs of owning a dSLR), i wouldn't have sold my FZ5.

    you can't find a zoom lens up to 200mm with F2.8 for anything less than $1k (i'm talking about 2nd hand prices). I'm eating grass daily so that I can haf $1.1k to buy a 2nd hand 70-200mm f2.8 or a cheap 70-200mm f4.0 for $950.

    In that case, if i still haf the FZ5 i wouldn't trade it in for anything, coz the weight!! the weight! the F2.8 70-200lens weighs about 0.9kg, twice the weight of the FZ5.
    and my normal lens weighs 0.6kg. my camera weighs 0.6kg. my total travelling weight is like.. *shoulder ache everyday*

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    Default Re: Would you trade in your old FZ's for FZ30?

    i guess incentive-wise, its there...fz30 have additional capabilities...improving on an already excellent concept prosumer...but is it worth the upgrade?
    from fz20 ---> fz30 ?? other PnS compact ---> fz30 ??

    initially, i thought if i ever gonna upgrade, definitely i m gonna keep the fz20. all in one...great for travelling....
    but then, the KM D5D came out...and then...perception change....
    might as well sell off the fz20 and get additional $$ for that zoom lens or whatever accessories...

    and like what sunslinger said, make full use of your equipment, unless if you have the extra cash, "dunno where to put but overflowing the pocket" type of situation, then by all means, buy buy the economy....

    just my 2 hoots...
    too many shots...

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    Default Re: Would you trade in your old FZ's for FZ30?

    Quote Originally Posted by tao
    wah... nightshift still can surf net ah... IT job?
    why not nope not IT.
    But for sure I can surf as long as I wish so long all the machines in the plant are going fine.
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