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Thread: Je Suis Charlie

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    So will keep poking them so that they know they are wrong and can't win.

    "The right to make fun of popes, imams and prophets is fading fast as self-censorship for commercial, as much as self-preserving, instincts stops the presses.

    The flurry of scandal over Oxford University Press stopping its children’s writers from referring to pigs or pork for fear of risking Middle East sales – or the atlases for export that mysteriously omit Israel for the same reason – show how easily freedom slips away unless scurrilous outriders like Charlie Hebdo can keep mocking church and mosque."
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    Default Re: Je Suis Charlie

    There is a story I remember that say. Even a just war to win it for the good of the people, innocent blood will be spilled along side those of the evil. No one can deny doing the right thing does not mean it is easy and clean. But when you weigh both sides of the action, you take one that brings the most good knowing full well some casualty will come from it. That is life.

    But to sit on the fence or to cherry pick what you deem has freedom of whatever or not, the war will never end or end badly from over compromising. In real life that means anything anyone thinks if considered offensive will be thrown and deem illegal. You know what you end up with? No freedom at all.

    Anything that is that good and righteous can withstand the best test, harshest criticism or insult. ( Notice many seem to have forgotten about that simple value we learn when young) Innocent people true to their conviction or ideology will not do this by trying to bullying you to silence but win you over by action. Abuse of Freedom? Sure. But we also have law and justice in place to ensure fair representation.

    We have rules here in Clubsnap too about what we can say or not say on certain topics? Do you call that justify as it goes against Freedom of Speech or is it the exclusive right of Clubsnap's owner as terms and condition for all visitors? This is just a small site as an example. But when you are open to the world at large on that scale, many things we see at our individual level or bias can not be use as the standard measure to govern various things. Nothing is fair and life will be effected by it if we start changing the fundementals principles or right base on nationality, religion and politics...etc. I am all for Freedom of Speech thus as a general rule.

    Just as I might not agree with you and tell you so. But I also defend YOUR right to your believes and to tell me I am wrong. That is the path of good men and good intention. But in the case of bad men that is where we have to have laws and unity of action in place to deal with them as these people operate outside that fundamental entitlement and take advantage of it for their own selfish reason.

    Remember this? "Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never do" That phrase is not a way to downtrodden a person or group but a call to action and rise up to the challenge.

    Think of that as an alternative view.
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