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    Hi guys, i have seen ppl using postage-stamp-edges as the borders for their pictures. Not too sure if you guys understand what i am saying. But hope if anyone knows, please guide me. Thank you.

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    this was common in the 1950s.
    photo studios/labs cut their black and white pics with special cutters
    you can buy this from a USA company now.
    it has no function and is decorative

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    Don't really know about that. Thanks for that info.

    What about using photoshop processing?

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    Hi thanks for that. Really what i need. However, have tried to follow the instructions but still couldnt get it. Haha maybe i am too dumb for it, well i will try again. Really thanks for this tutorial.
    If there is more alternatives, i welcome them too. Can also teach others who wanna learn it too. Cheers

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    Maybe this one is easier to follow:

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    Take a photo of a real stamp, best using a good and flat plane macro lens. Then stick your photo ever the original stamp. To change the dimesion, use clone tool to make more perforations. A real postage stamp will give teh paper fibre rough edge that is very hard to achieve using paint-brush.

    I have one published work whereby I made artificial stamps using the method I described above.

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    Thanks for you guys responses. Actually i just found out that one of the plugins, Auto FX dreamsuite can do the stamp border too.


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