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Thread: Music used in TCS trailers (Rant)

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    Quote Originally Posted by melnjes
    Actually I noticed many US movie trailers using a music extract from Dragonheart for many years. I've noticed HK serials using extracts from US movies too.

    In general, the MediaCorp trailers have improved in quality over the last few years.
    And that same soundtrack was used for NDP2000.

    Anyway, I am surprised no one mentioned their love for (still) using soundtrack from the Matrix. "Clubbed to Death" is their perennial all-time favourite.
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    Default Re: Music used in TCS trailers (Rant)

    I cannot stand it they sometimes use music from Kill Bill Vol.1.

    A question, wat is that hip breakbeat piece of music that you can hear behind in the trailer of Herbie Fully Loaded? Is it from Fatboy Slim or maybe Crystal Method?
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