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    Default Using 3rd party Flash

    I currently own a G2. and the time has come, or will be coming when I will need a flash. I know all about the great and mightly 420EX, but i was wondering if 3rd party flashes can be used?

    I have one Suntax Phototechnics 9000 flash, and one Hanimex TZ1. Maybe some of you havnt heard of these flashes but they are old! The basic question is, what kind of flashes can i use with my G2 without frying the circuit? How am i able to tell?

    Am i able to use these flashes (3rd party) as Slave flashes? (or do some technical modification to it so tt it works as a slave?)
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    slace flash? you could get a slave trigger. however, these might not work well as your camera will have a preflash....
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