Jeff Witchel

Imagine having your own color lab to experiment with the colors for a project right within Adobe Illustrator. That’s what the Live Color features are all about. They’re a huge playground for having fun with color, easily playing with your choices of color, and simply solving some difficult color problems. It’s the perfect tool for all kinds of artists and production people, from color experts to color-challenged individuals.
Using the science of color theory, Illustrator takes a lot of the difficulties out of working with color to make the process of finding what you’re looking for a lot simpler and faster.
In the following video tutorial, I will touch on all the basics of Live Color along with many advanced techniques, tips, tricks, and even some secrets. 
We’ll explore using Live Color to help pick colors for a branding project by starting with a client’s corporate color and using a variety of Color Harmonies to help select other colors that will go beautifully with that color. By limiting the colors chosen to a particular Pantone® Library, we will be able to check each color in a printed Pantone® Color book, so we’ll know exactly how our colors will print. 
We’ll also look at different ways of quickly applying a group of colors to a piece of artwork to show a client alternate solutions.
And using a part of Live Color called Edit Colors, we’ll work with the colors in a complex piece of artwork to alter those colors globally, solving tough production problems in seconds instead of hours.

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