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Thread: Outdoor Wedding what equiptment to bring?

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    Default Re: Outdoor Wedding what equiptment to bring?

    Yes, It depends on the hours, if the flash is in use and the sky is still bright, it would be impractical to shoot at f22, to expose for the sky.

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    alamak F22 shooting pimples and pores ah

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    Thank you guys for your help, i really appreciated that bright ideas from you
    hope everything will turn ok on actual events if u can add more advise please do, and thank you in advance

    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    how bout this....using a reflector....

    catchlights idea of the 60 ct-4 with umbrella works fine....coz basically it produces a similar effect to having a strobe....

    if u are shooting at sunset.... i tink flash or some external lighitng is need.... coz of the colour tempreture at sunset..... u need the flash to balance up for the colours....depending on wat u are using...u could use an off cam flash....though i tink its good only for illuminating faces and not much more....

    the options are open la....

    lillipop....basically u are asking about fill flash....learn to calculate guide number..... tt will give u an approximate of the amt of fill to use.... alternatively...jzu set it to TTL.... meter the background...then afl the metering and flash away on ttl and pray tt it works....


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    if you are going to shoot at sunset. you will need the flash to fill the shadow. if not you can capture nice sunset background their face likely will end up in shadow. bring any portable flash you have, set to auto and fire off camera at 1-stop under. it will better if you can get a kaiser umbrella mount bracket and mount the umbrella with your flash for softer look with better catchlight but you will need to settle the exposure manually. since you say 1st time better don do too many things at one go.

    a groundsheet is good but don bring too many things that will hold you down. keep it simple. use the setting and what ever available there. if possible, recce the ground see what you wanna do when you there. that wil cut the thiinking of what to do but allow you to concentrate on how to achieve the look you want

    i would say forget about stools, chairs etc unless you have someone to carry them for you. you job is to shoot, dun end up carrying so many things and spending half the time thinking on what to do with them. just my 2 cents worth

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    Quote Originally Posted by tolitz
    Hi all! good day! First of all pardon me if i put this thread in a wrong place, Im having an Outdoor Wedding photoshoot next month for my officemate wedding, its my first time for outdoor wedding ..
    what equipment should i bring to the location it's a sunset wedding (6pm) at the moment im thinking of buying outdoor flash (batt optd) which is quite expensive for the beginner like me , hope u can help me guys, thnks
    I am a bit puzzled. You said it's your first outdoor wedding shoot, but according to the link to your homepage in your profile, you had shot a lot of weddings, outdoors too. Just wondering. Btw, they are pretty good, don't look like pictures from a newbie!

    If you really have not shot an outdoor wedding before, and you are really a newbie, what are you doing being the main photographer at a wedding. Lighting at sunset is going to be tricky too. Are you over your head?
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    Default Re: Outdoor Wedding what equiptment to bring?

    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights
    Use whatever mode to meter the sky, get a reading, let says f5.6, 1/125s, so to make the sky come out nicer, you need to underexpose it by 1 stop, so you can set you camera at f5.6, 1/250s, M mode and you flash TTL, for this the b/g is underexpose by 1 sotp, and the subject will expose by the flash according the "correct" exposure, but you need to adjust the camera setting and the flash compensation for fine tuning the final result.
    Thank you for sharing the idea. Like that, I just put my flash in TTL mode (auto)?

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