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Thread: Still Water Lifesaving Championship '05

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    Held at Kallang Basin Swimming Complex from 9am to 5pm

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    when is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgotha
    when is it?
    Oops.. i forgot to add. Its this Sunday.. Thanks for the headsup

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    wads it about? from wad time 2 wad time de whole event? any more info?...

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    Default Still Water Lifesaving Championship '05

    Competitive Lifesaving is sort of swimmings cousin. Winners are chosen based on the time which they take to complete their events. For the still water competeion which is held in a swimming pool, events include the line throw, various types of towing techniques and the super lifesaver.

    1) Line Throw:
    Rope is thrown to the "drowning victim" who is then pulled back towards the edge of the pool. This event is a relay with 4 members who take turns being the rescuer.

    2) Towing:
    There are quite a number of towing events using different techniques and equipment. My personal favourite is the 100m carry with fins and the 100m tow with fins(a bit biased coz this used to be my personal event ). For these two events, the competitor swims 50m to the other end of the pool, where a water-filled mannequin awaits. He then carries it back 50m for the former or tows it using a rescue bouy for the latter.

    I'm simply too lazy to type out anymore. if you're really interested in the finer details, you can always just google it. Suffice it to say that its definitely more exciting than swimming competitions due to the variety of events.


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