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    Hi all..

    have posted 2 pics taken during NDP 05.

    wud really love to hear all ur comments.. good or bad, jus shoot!


    1. BigBirds watching over our skies.

    2. The first blast of NDP 05

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    #1 has potential but something is just not right

    #2 is over exposed, notice the colour of the fireworks is becoming white

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    It's the tilt in #1. It's causes uneasiness.

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    pictures are soft (feels sleepy) i suspect you open the aperture too wide

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    Technically yes the pictures are a tat soft. But that aside, I like your creativity in the first picture, if you had a wider framing it would be even better. Keep shooting!

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    photo#1: nice composition. nice sky, nice shilouettes (chinooks' interesting shapes), motion in the trials, but yeah something's not right, the tilt as suggested ...

    photo#2 is the solitary bright spot in the upper right quadrant the moon? maybe the burst could looked better as a single burst without the distracting trials of the following firings.


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