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Thread: To Robin - Wedding Shoot pictures

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    Apologies, the guy's PM box is full.

    Yo Robin,

    The couple just complained to me again, she has not received her pics. It's been more than 2 months, any problem on your side? Share with me lor, she just wants the pics. No need to PS or what.... Basically she needs those ad-hoc group pics at the banquet most. I have covered the others mostly.

    She is even willing to come to your house to collect it from you. If not, just a CD into a 80-cents envelope will be more than sufficient.

    We have been calling and smsing you but you did not respond at all, give me a call ya? I've checked and you are still logging onto CS frequently. It's been more than 2 months delay, so I hope we can settle this ASAP. Let us know and have a conclusion if you are experiencing any problems yea? The couple just wants an answer, can't let them dangle in mid air....
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    Default Re: To Robin - Wedding Shoot pictures

    From experience, a thread like this will surely invite a lot of by-standers in CS to come in and post their comments and remarks. Sometime people who are not involved in the issue can somehow become over passionate and get into heated arguments for no apparrent reasons.

    As such I am closing this thread.

    After closing the thread will still be visible, so Robin will still have a chance to see this.

    If you do not get a response from Robin and this thread gets pushed down in the thread listings, just PM me and I will "upz" it for you.


    - Roy
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