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Thread: Something from Blair Plain.

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    Smile Something from Blair Plain.

    Hi all,

    This one taken when I was in the Blair Plain area doing a urban study. Not sure if the lost information in the shadows of the window is a good or bad thing.

    Should I retain the information within the window?

    All comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

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    i would prefer abit more shadow details, at least for the window closer to you. at least get some details of the window shade especially to differentiate between the upper and lower windows (both have merged into a black mass) that'll enhance the sense of spatial depth

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    perfect shot. well composed and exposed.
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    i would prefer to have some details in the buildings.

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    Eikin,Adzz : I shall try that in PS and post again. I understand what you mean because I had given it some consideration but I just did not try because of plain laziness. :P

    Mohgui: You like it? hehe Thanks!


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