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Thread: Buyers Beware

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    There had been people trying to sell cheap equipment in the Buy/Sell forum with phone number *234. These are scams !!!

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    Report post to mod using the triangle on the bottom left hand side of the post

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    Now they are getting more look like "true seller"..
    Rmb recently saw reported one "price too good to be truth" listing with the contact nos starting with " +65 "
    Some just put email, Skype account etc.. So has to protect urself. eg dun do any money transfer 1st and believe the item will be ship to u.

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    maybe you could link us to the threads as well?

    then the members reading your thread here can stay away as well from those scammers. rather than you warn us with a cryptic stay away from those with numbers ending with *234
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    if it is meetup deal, how can they cheat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnycamera View Post
    if it is meetup deal, how can they cheat?
    Do read up in the Consumer Corner to see what still can go wrong even if people meet up.


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