Have you watched the Korean movie “The Way Home”? Go catch it if u haven’t.

The reason I introduce this movie to our great photography enthusiasts here, is that its “cinematography” (art or technique of movie photography) is very good. I feel that cinematography is very much related to photography… it is made up of thousands of static images. I referred to the art of cinematography as “photography-on-a-higher-plain”, as more complexity is involved to take a series of moving images, especially if aestheticism needs to be maintained throughout.

There are a lot of aesthetic shots in “The Way Home”; it brings about successful contrast in lightings and focus, the composition also interestingly draws the audiences’ attention to the subject-in-focus.

Well, if you don’t agree with me on the aesthetic value of the movie shots, hope you will find the theme of the movie good - for at least this is what the movie is popular for.

P/S: Pls bring more packets of tissue paper when watching