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Thread: Anyone owns Treo 650?

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    Default Anyone owns Treo 650?

    hi all, thinking of getting Treo 650.... how's it? Hope to hear some feedback from you guys. TIA!!!!

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    I own one. You'll get all the info you need from

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    Default Re: Anyone owns Treo 650?

    I won one. Its like DSLR, steep learning curve, many new owners will experience the "constant reset" problem, once u overcome these, it becomes a very convenient and reliable device.

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    Default Re: Anyone owns Treo 650?

    Own one too. Constant reset was a real frustrating problem for me. But it only lasted one night. Can't remember how I fixed it.

    Trouble is that for any problem, Palm doesn't repair, they just replace with a recon set. Had mine replace because of moisture in it; actually, purely my own error!

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    I'm using one... Mainly because I'm a palm user before this so all my programs can reuse.

    I love the qwerty & the size of the phone, batterylife is a lot better than any Microsoft based data phone & if you think palm is unstable, think about it again compared to Microsoft.

    Simple & straight forward UI.

    Just dun like the antenna.


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