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    Hi all......

    We are having a studio session this Sunday on 21 Aug 2005.

    Time: 2.00-4.00pm
    Venue: Clubhouse(Above Mr Bean Cafe)
    Cost: $12-$15(Mem/Non)

    Model Pic:

    For registration, please e-mail to kellyn/diane at

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    Attended this studio shoot for the first time and I found it well organised, and the experience very rewarding. Great work PSS.

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    What do you mean by well organised? Can you explained?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLSK
    Attended this studio shoot for the first time and I found it well organised, and the experience very rewarding. Great work PSS.
    can you share your experience?

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    The organisers (3 of them, including Mr Goh whom I remembered as one of the instructor at my Basic Photo Course some years back) arranged 3 set of lights, metered and advised us on the settings to use. Arranging for an experienced intructor is a real bonus for me very soon.
    The recept made sure all 14 participants paid up and handed the name list to the organisers.
    As I have not participated in PSS studio activities for a long long time (the other time was during basic course), I was a bit unsure if my ETTL flash system will sinc with the studio flash . I understand that ETTL fires 2 times - 1st to get correct exposure and the 2nd is sync with shutter; but I also understand that the studio flashes do not work like that. My uncertainty cleared when I approached Mr Goh and he gave brief instructions to what I should do. WHew! Henry, another participant, also gave some advise with the settings. A few test shots, and I was OK.
    The model's make up is well done with a natural look and she had 3 set of attire. Each participants were given 2 minutes one-on-one photoshoot with her - no fighting for attention with other photogs, and an alarm timing ensured no over timers!

    The experience was great - for that 2 hours, I observed how more experienced photogs got about their business, and when it was my turn, I was only thinking of getting better poses from the model (which I was really rotten at )and getting good shots.

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    I agree with Michael. It was really a great time!!!!!!!!!!

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    How many minutes is given per photographer? From what i understand, it is 2 hour and does the timing being given out equally? The last time that i went for the shooting had 3 outfit and in the end only given a total of 4 min (1 min for 1st outfit, 1min for 2nd outfit and 2 min for last outfit) There is a total of abt 7 to 8 photographer and the instructor told us that if we shoot faster, we can have more time to shoot... In the end, the total timing given is still 4 min. Shoot started at abt 2.25pm and ended abt 3.30pm. This is wat i had experienced b4 in PSS studio shoot.

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    Each had 2mins for 1st outfit, another 2mins for the next outfit and 1min for the last outfit. Before each outfit shoot, we were given some time to test shoot the model. I also squeezed in more shots while others were shooting (I used iso1600 and w/o flash, of cos, even then, when I reflect, it does seem a little bit rude on my part, so sorry on this) because a few of the photogs put in more effort to pose the model and were satisfied with just a few shots - they stopped even before their time was up! I believed that they were got real quality shots, not like me - quantity shots.
    I guess I will have to join other CS photoshoots to compare.

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    I am no expert but seems like it is quite expensive to shoot? $3.00 per minute for a non-member?

    When I first look at the first post, I thought we are given two hours to shoot the model with merely $15.

    Thanks all for the input.

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    Yes, if calculated like that, it does seem quite ex.

    Hmm, IMHO, $12 (member price) for that setup & time, brief reminder on some key techniques, make frens, renewed my interest in this hobby, and shoot a beauty - its worth it and fun!

    For those out there with who wants to improve on this hobby (like me), go attend activities like these (or many other CS activities) now.


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