Ilene Strizver

Computers and software have come a long way in terms of making features and functions user-friendly using the keyboard and mouse. But there are still actions that are time-consuming and awkward, requiring several steps to accomplish the desired result. Flow is the answer! Flow is a very cool tool in development that can shorten and simplify many of these multi-step tasks with fast, easy-to use shortcuts.
This elegant, puck-like device is a completely programmable wireless tool that uses hand gestures, sensitive touch, as well as haptic technology (touch combined with force and motion) to accomplish a task. It is a peripheral device that can be used alongside a mouse for seamless interaction with your computer or digital device. Flow is useful for professionals in the fields of graphic design, audio, video, and 3D, as well as for recreational activities such as listening to music, etc.
For instance, a graphic designer can use it to control brush size, hardness, blur, undo and redo; a user experience (UX) designer to control layer forward and backward, zoom, colors, and selection; a game developer to control rotate, change weapon, fly or fire; as well as for music-listeners to adjust volume, skip a track, etc. All tasks are preprogrammed; one just has to select the desired action.
If youd like to learn more about Flow, take a look here: By contributing to the campaign to fund Flow, you will not only help launch this exciting new product, but will have the opportunity to contribute your feedback as well.

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