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Thread: DVD featuring Anton Corbijn

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    Default DVD featuring Anton Corbijn

    Universal just released a Directors Label series that features one of my favorite music entertainment photographers Anton Corbijn. Anyone familiar with his work?

    Not sure how far some of us go outside of the photography medium, but there's actually several directors being showcased within the video medium, including music videos, film, commercials, and other random stuff. Really cool, especially if you're a fan of 90s music.

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    I am a huge Corbijn fan. I even wrote a PS action in honour of him and his lith work. Wish I still had my darkroom.

    It's quite common for celebrity type photographers to cross over into video and shorts. Matthew Rolston, David LaChappelle, etc. There are quite a few others. The money is better in videos.

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    Great to see another fan. My favorite work of his was the photography that he did with U2 in the early 90s -- there's some great shots done throughout Germany, The UK, and the United States during the Zoo TV tour. The video featured on the disc, One, is also one of my favorites, although I remember that it received a lot of negative publicity. A lot of viewers misconstrued his message, assuming he was associating homosexuality with a song relating to the AIDS epidemic. It was redone with Phil Joanou (spelled?) as the director, but the Corbijn one was much more powerful.

    Have you heard anything about his latest gallery showing that is also somehow connected to the group U2?

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    Should check out the earlier dvd titles as well. They're really amazing in terms of concept and execution. Especially the michel gondry dvd.

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    Default Re: DVD featuring Anton Corbijn

    I like his work. Especially the ones with Depeche Mode, which I believe was earlier than the U2 ones.

    If I remember correctly, the video Devotional should be done by him.


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    Default Re: DVD featuring Anton Corbijn

    I need to check out the Gondry one, too. The only one in the series that I've gotten my hands on is the Spike Jonze one, which is really cool to watch, just because he's such a strange but possibly brilliant guy. I still loved how he was able to pull off the idea behind the video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice." It's really just a guy dancing in a hotel lobby, but make that guy Christopher Walken and add in the impossible dance moves (for anyone, not just Chris), and you have something.

    Of course, I think Being John Malkovich pretty much sums that guy up.

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    I bought the Devotional DVD by A Corbijin. The visuals were nice, but the concert was really quite boring. What made the price of the DVD justified was his interview and his explanations of the visual concepts.

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    Although it might bore some people, I really enjoy listening to the artist talk the concept and inspiration behind his/her work.


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