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Thread: MAID in Plaza Sing

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    Default MAID in Plaza Sing the 'spirit' of the Hungry Ghost month (pun intended)...heard that in Plaza Sing, there are life size posters of 'The Maid' pasted on outside of toilet cubicle doors and that when users wash their hands @ the sink, they could actually see the posters from the reflection in the mirror.

    Spooky-sia.....anyone can verify that? Perrhaps can take a handphone pic and post it up here?

    Anyone caught the show? Any good? Will it help SIngaporeans to treat maids with greater respect and dignity ?


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    Default Re: MAID in Plaza Sing

    Ai yah,didn't post this earlier,was at plaza sing just now.

    Please keep this thread alive in case i go in female toilet and kena at least i got proof say that i just need to double confirm.

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    read in today's life, the Maid's promotions include placing a life size poster in the toliets.

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    Default Re: MAID in Plaza Sing

    It's been taken out already I believe. I pity the security guards, do they dare to go toilet during rounds?

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    Default Re: MAID in Plaza Sing

    my female frens said female toilet dun have. only male toilet. haa
    anyway, they have pasted warning labels on the wall leading to the toilet.

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    Default Re: MAID in Plaza Sing

    Hahaha! Sure kenna stolen!
    Even Spore power water mascot balloons also can kenna stolen@!

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    Default Re: MAID in Plaza Sing

    What do the warnings say?

    Huh? The water mascot got stolen?? When? Where? That thing is SO BIG!!

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