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Thread: F65D SLR Camera with lenses

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    I bought an F65D camera 2 years ago, and due to work nature i wasn't able to explore the camera. I'm trying to explore now and have since trying. I have a provided 28-80mm AF Nikkor lens 1:3.3-5.6G and a longer range 70-300, 1:4-5.6G (HB-26). I have been always using in AF mode and pictures turned out good. But manual, yuks!! i have been using largely iso 200 films, kodak. Now i'm trying to explore the manual mode. Also reading some books, but chimme la.The shop owner also fixed a laser ir d&n af digital filter, he said for protection. how does this help. Could the experts give me tips where and how to see my work. Also, if i have to get a flash, hat shall i use? Is there any basic course (economic rate) to recommend? Thanks mate!

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    hi, i m oso an SLR film user here. i took about 6-8mths 2 kno my cam & hav enough decent shots. mayb we can meet up 4 tea?

    i m not a pro but ha taken pics in various lighting conditions. will probably kno y some pics do or do not turn out.


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