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Thread: Rental of super tele lens in sg?

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    Default Rental of super tele lens in sg?

    I know this is a super long shot but here goes: I've been wondering for some time now, is it possible to rent out super telephoto lenses in Singapore? By super telephotos I am referring to the 300mm/400mm f2.8 or 500mm/600mm f4 kind of lens. From what I know, for Canon and Nikon lenses, if you are a member of CPS/NPS, and urgently need a replacement lens if your own is under repair/servicing, they would loan you a similar set. I had a friend who had a spare Nikon 500mm courtesy of Nikon Sg loaned out to him while his own was being repaired. But I am not sure of the availability of private rental services for these kind of lenses, does anyone know any individual or group providing such services? And if so, how much do they charge? TIA...

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    Default Re: Rental of super tele lens in sg?

    almost impossible to find.

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    think that it is difficult to find someone who is willing to loan you his family treasures ... even if it is available ...


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