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    Hi Gang:

    I have been hanging around this site for the past few weeks, terrific forum. I retouch images and thought some of you may be interested in my work. I'd be happy to discuss any of the techniques I use as I love to retouch.

    I hope you find it informative.

    Thanks, Glenn

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    Default Re: Image Retouching....

    Welcome Glenn, very interesting website you have there. I'm sure folks around here would love to learn more from ya , including me . After going through your portfolio , I'm 101% impressed ~~!
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    cool website ..

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    Default Re: Image Retouching....

    Welcome are truely the guru in retouching
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    I've browsed through all your 83 retouched image samples. Wonderful stuffs, enjoyed it, thanks for sharing Glenn. I have some questions I was wondering about how you did some stuffs too. Will check out your book tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Image Retouching....

    Incredible skills you have
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    I was total stunned.. never had thought of D.I artist can perform retouch up to these level of perfection.. well done!

    Was wondering whether the book is available here in Singapore?? anybody care to share?

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    welcome glenn ... your retouching is... wow!

    sure am interested in getting your book now

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    Very good retouching for reflections and shiny surfaces! Wonderful stuff!


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