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Thread: <Metz Flash Discovery Talk> by John Arifin @ ClubSNAP Gallery @ Funan

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    Default <Metz Flash Discovery Talk> by John Arifin @ ClubSNAP Gallery @ Funan

    ClubSNAP and Schmidt Marketing (distributor of Metz Germany products) brings you Metz Flash Discovery talk for 2nd weekend at ClubSNAP Gallery @ Funan. This is one of the series of free events that ClubSNAP is bringing to all our members at Funan Gallery.

    About the talk:

    If you have been using flash only at night or just for indoor photography, then you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on the capability of your flash and not fully utilised the creative side of flash. Join us in an hour flash discovery talk organised by Metz, presented to you by John Arifin.

    Location : ClubSNAP Gallery @ Funan Unit #04-31
    Time: 16th November, Sunday, 2014, 2-3pm (1 Hour).

    About the speaker

    John Arifin is a Singapore based photographer and educator. John travels across Asia to document wildlife and culture. In search of a perfect moment to freeze in time and to inspire others through images held from a photo journalistic view. John and Anna contributed their photographs and story write-ups to various regional magazines such as Asian Geographic, Asian Photography, Asian Escape, Wingspan-Birds Australia and Spa Asia.

    John received "Best of The Decade Award " in photojournalism from Asian Geographic Magazine in 2009. You can read their travel journal in

    Web :
    Blog :
    WhatsApp : + 65 9616 9149

    There will be a variety of Metz units for attendees to hands on the day itself.

    Registration will be done here
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    Default Re: <Metz Flash Discovery Talk> by John Arifin @ ClubSNAP Gallery @ Funan


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