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Thread: converting raw to jpeg for printing

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    Default converting raw to jpeg for printing


    i recently have been taking RAW photos just to try out, then when I want to print out, I need to convert to jpg yah..

    1) After conversion and print out.. the colours are... weird.. llike its "too strong"

    2) The photo doesn't fit into the 4x6" paper, can't adjust..

    I used Canon's inbuilt function of Zoombrowser to convert from raw->tiff->jpeg (save as) then use their printing software (Easy Print Toolbox) to print...

    you guys got any advice?


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    Default Re: converting raw to jpeg for printing

    i not sure if this helps... but if the colours are "too strong" to you, maybe u can try doing adjustment in PS? it could be because of the printer u are using too, sounds like u are printing from home.. a non-calibrated monitor/printer might give u a different end result from the one u see..

    as to the 4x6 ratio, should be correct i think... if you photos are in the ratio of 3:2, they should fit into the paper...


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