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Thread: new Olympus P&S capable at ISO 1600?

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    Default new Olympus P&S capable at ISO 1600?

    Recently I came across the Olympus advertisement a new P&S digital camera capable to shoot at high ISO1600...thinking that if this is true, it would be perfect to incorporate the technology in the Olympus DSLR..

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    Default Re: new Olympus P&S capable at ISO 1600?

    It can but the way in which the noise is 'removed' is by means of downsampling.

    You must be referring to the mju800 in which a 8MP image is downsampled to 4~5MP (not too sure) to reduce the noise when taking images in high ISO. Not sure if you can consider that as low noise high ISO performance. Better than nothing I guess.

    So far, the only P&S digicam capable of high ISO without noise getting too horrible is the Fujifilm F10. But personally, I find the F10's images at high ISO kinda soft and devoid of details, a catch of using high NR algorithm? But guess that for most endusers, better than no usable high ISO.

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    Default Re: new Olympus P&S capable at ISO 1600?

    For E-300, we may try setting this:

    1. Use SQ Mode, at 1600x1200 (2MP) for best results (2560x1920 5MP also can)
    2. Lower saturation to -1
    3. Lower Sharpness to -2

    With this, we can get pretty good low noise ISO 1600 pictures that are printable up to 5R, straight out from the camera.
    In printout, the grain is actually pleasing.
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