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Thread: More models joining CS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by afbug
    Check this out man. This model need no photographer!

    no la....maybe she really is a photo...checking for dust and fungus...muahhahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyxx88
    Well, it is fine & dandy that they join CS & help add some variety to the membership, readership & contribution.

    However, there should be concern when they start asking for photos when their actual identities have not been verified. I am sure none of the photogs here would want their work to fall into the wrong hands -- even if it was not a paid model shoot (e.g. public even shots). Especially when the problem of leechers is well known.
    this I agree... CS is a open forum, so I guess anyone joining its ok.. but since its internet and very hard to verify who u really are.. i guess the asking pics part is a bit..

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    I think everyone would welcome the models to join CS, it livens up the place more & provides mroe avenues to photogs to find models. Just that when they are relatively new to the CS community & start asking pictures to be sent to them.... that part sets alarm bells ringing.

    This is not about protecting one's artistic work, copyrights, etc. -- that topic has been debated back & forth & back again. It is just simply to reduce the number of pictures falling into undesirable hands, that's all.

    To the models who are reading this, would be good if you can have a 'well-known' CS member vouch for your identity (I know 300N has done this ). Once that it done, requests for pictures would be met with lesser suspicion .

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